My Last Year in the “Teens”

Today, November 15th, marks the beginning of my last year with a one in front of my age! It feels weird to say that! I kind of think that 19 is an awkward year-nothing significant is associated with it. 20 sounds much better, but I wouldn’t want to wish away this upcoming year! This year, I want to make it my goal to live life in the moment (cliché?), to enjoy every moment and make the best of what God provides for me!

I couldn’t be more thankful for all my loving friends and family. This is the first year I am apart from my twin brother Eric on our birthday, so it’s a little bittersweet. However, my new friends, old friends and all my family have really showed their love toward me and I wanted to shout out to them and say THANK YOU!

Since food is on my mind an abnormal amount of time, I’ll share my idea of a great birthday cake. I like to try new and unique recipes for my birthday cakes because it changes it up from the normal white cake-white icing typical birthday cake. Others might try and tell me I shouldn’t make a “healthier” birthday cake because I should splurge and indulge on this once-a-year holiday. But what if I LIKE chickpeas in my cake? What if I think whole wheat chocolate cake tastes better? I believe my tastes buds have evolved over the past few years to have a lower tolerance to overly sugary foods so I prefer less over-the-top indulgent desserts. Here are some recipes I would think about making for my birthday cake if I had a kitchen and the ingredients to make one:

Mmmmm. Searching cake recipes causes me to run across pie recipes which reminds me of Thanksgiving which reminds me that it’s exactly a week from today! Oh man, I cannot wait!


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2 thoughts on “My Last Year in the “Teens”

  1. Ah, 19…. I remember being 19, so long ago (I’m 21… so old…). It’s a really great age to be, because you’re legal (yeah baby!) and you’re not yet 20 (that’s OLD). Happy Birthday! I think you should make all of those recipes…


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