Do I really need more dessert recipes?  This week’s Weekly Drool happens to showcase several sweet treats I foresee in my future-that is, after I conquer my finals!

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings

Food, desserts mainly, make wonderful Christmas presents! I love making food to give as holiday gifts and packaging them up in cute and festive ways. I think all homemade gifts are more personable and they are fun to do as well! Over thanksgiving break, I made my college friends’ gifts and they were a blast to make. Once I give them away, I may share what I made on the blog. This weekend, I managed to gather the ingredients to make an edible gift for a secret santa party. More on that in another post-it was unbelievably easy to make!

Anyway, here are this week’s drool-worthy links from around the web:

  1. This chocolate mousse is vegan and has no added sugar!
  2. I’ve never tried this chocolate + pear combo, but if it works in this Chocolate Pear Cake, I’m all for it!
  3. I already love cashew butter, but chocolate cashew butter? Don’t know if I’d be able to handle it!
  4. Ginger cookies scream Christmas. I want to make these healthified ones.
  5. Monster cookies are my favorite type of cookie. My Uncle Rick makes the best kind! This healthier version wouldn’t replace his, but for times when I’d like to make a different version, I bet these would rock too!
  6. “Clustery” granola is the best. This recipe for Toasted Buckwheat & Millet granola has clusters-I must try it!
  7. Carrot cake that actually has a lot of carrot in it! Looks good to me!

The countdown continues! 13 days until the end of the semester. 23 days until Christmas!



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